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About Us

Based out of Kansas City we are able to support our international customer base by providing them with a customer service experience that is second to none, an on time percentage of over 99%, and an industry leading 5 day lead time. As one of the top stainless steel and aluminum nameplate manufacturers in the country we pride ourselves in helping our customers achieve their goals by providing better productstest lead times in the industry. 


Stainless Steel Nameplates are extremely durable and are typically found in harsh environments and in industries such as oil and gas, flow control, and mining. Available in a variety of thicknesses, finishes, and alloys, Holland 1916 can produce stainless steel nameplates to match your specifications.

Aluminum Nameplates are a cost effective option when looking for metal nameplates. Typically aluminum nameplates are found in controlled environments or are attached in areas that limit the nameplate’s exposure to weather and harsh chemicals. Holland 1916 stocks a variety of thicknesses of both raw aluminum and anodized aluminum.

RFID Nameplates/Tags carriers for the purpose of protecting the transponder from severe conditions that unprotected RFID tags could never survive. Our tag carriers have been deployed in harsh industries such as Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining, Fall Protection among others. Holland 1916’s manufacturing capabilities range from stainless steel and aluminum sheet work, to injection molding, to steel casting, to domed decals and more. All RFID tag carrier solutions are customized to the customers needs. This includes options in material, size, shape, graphics and Frequency (LF, HF and UHF). Our tagging specialists collaborate with the customer to learn all of the challenges the application is presenting, and developing a tagging solution that meets all requirements.

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