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Caldwell Rotating Crane Hook

Caldwell Rotating Crane Hook


Rotating Crane Hook - Model 50


Model 50 Rotating Crane Hook


Product Features

  • Custom designed to fit your applications.
  • Allows for independent and precise position of load.
  • Full 360° rotation @ 1-1/2 RPM.
  • Controls feature soft-starting capability.
  • Designed to operate on either direct or alternating power supply.

Standard Design Features

  • Heat treated forged steel hook with latch.
  • Forged steel sheaves with hardened rope grooves.
  • Tapered roller bearings with grease fittings.
  • Heavy duty worm gear reducer.
  • Direct spur gear drive.
  • Easy access for maintenance.
  • Controls include starter with overload, VFD (variable frequency drive) NEMA - 12 enclosure and pigtail.

Product Specifications