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Tele-Radio specializes in industrial radio remote controls. We design, manufacture and market remote control solutions for industrial use.

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Tele-Radio develops, manufactures, and markets radio control systems for industrial use. The company was founded in 1955, and the research and development of all our products is done by Tele-Radio.

With more than 50 years of experience we have solid knowledge and experience of radio control systems. Our mission is to "never say no" when it is at all possible to satisfy your needs; our goal is to offer a radio control system for your specific application. We reach these goals by making all our employees actively be part of the process and take responsibility for their respective areas of work.


We choose Tele Radio for their consistent high level of product quality, knowledge and customer service. Dealing with Tele Radio ensures satisfied customers. Thank you for your efforts and dedication by maintaining a superior customer service experience
— Stefan Lacelle, Director at CanStahl

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