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Caldwell Drum Handling

Caldwell Drum Handling

Versatile Drum Handling Sling: This sling allows for easy handling of various sizes of steel drums and barrels, and has a 1,000 lb. capacity. It is light in weight, high in strength, and is resistant to oil. 

Drum Handling Slings

Product Features

  • Lightweight - weighs only 4 lbs.
  • Versatile - lifts drums either vertically or horizontally.
  • Self-tightening grip - sliding drum hooks tighten grip on
    load as drum is lifted.
  • Tough - resistant to alkalis, ultra violet rays, rot and mildew. 

Ratchet Drum Sling

Product Features

  • Easily lift standing drums for transport.
  • Tilt suspended drums to pour from open top or spigot.
  • For use with ribbed steel drums, the ratcheting belly band tightens securely below the first rib.
  • Standard wear pad for added protection.
  • Ratchet tightens securely.
  • Free end of ratchet strap sewn to stay properly threaded.
  • Vertical legs sewn to belly band to maintain proper position. 

The Caldwell Lifter/Rotator unit is designed for use with a lift truck in areas where an overhead hoist is not available.  The drum is secured to the carrier above the level of the forks thus it may be used at the full height of the truck.  With the chain wheel, the lift truck driver may rotate the drum from the cab of the truck (10’ long drop chain).  This unit will handle all standard 55 gallon metal drums. 

Model FDL Fork Lift Drum Lifter/Rotator


Designed to easily and economically lift, travel with, and dump drums into acceptable type containers.  Pressure applied to the drum base against rim of container will tilt drum to preferred angle of emptying.  Drum is secured to the lifter by a load binder. This unit will handle all standard 55 gallon metal drums.  

Model FDD Fork Lift Drum Lifter/Dumper


Model FG Steel Drum Grippers

Product Features

  • High quality heavy duty construction.
  • Restraining chain with grab hooks.
  • Handles drums of 55 or 30 gallon capacities.
  • Lift and release drums without leaving seat.
  • Attaches to lift truck quickly and easily.
  • Minimum maintenance required.
  • Drums will not slip once clamped.
  • Quick and easy drum release.