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Caldwell Specialty Grabs

Caldwell Specialty Grabs

Model MPP Pallet Puller

Product Features

  • Used for moving hard to reach loaded pallets from flat surfaces, such as truck trailers or loading docks.
  • Extends reaching capability of the fork lift truck.
  • Single scissor action.
  • Heavy duty steel design.
  • Not for overhead lifting.
  • Working load limit 1,250 pounds.
  • 3/8” proof coil chain. 

VDG Vertical Drum Grab

Product Features

  • This vertical drum grab is ideal for handling closed or open steel drums.
  • No fasteners, binders, or rings to put around drum.
  • Grab allows drums to be closely stored to maximize floor space.
  • Grab will not damage drum.
  • Complies with ASME standards. 

Model WP Wall Pick

Product Features

  • High quality lifting clamps designed to pick and place prefabricated wall panels used in housing and building construction.
  • Designed to lift panels from a horizontal to a vertical position.
  • Locking mechanism prevents the camp from releasing while loaded.
  • The 50' release rope allows the operator to release the clamp from the top of the panel once the load is set and secured.
  • Lower lifting plate has an open design so it will clear nails or boltsComplies with ASME standards.