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Fork Truck Attachments

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An inexpensive and fast way to move trailers with your fork lift truck. It quickly attaches to both forks for stable load movement with safety chain and grab hook for added security. Accepts standard 2" hitch inserts designed to handle 1-7/8" to 2-5/16" hitch ball for up to 6,000 pounds gross towing weight, and with the pintle adapter, up to 16,000 pounds gross towing weight.


Model SPTR Trailer Spotter

Product Features

  • Easily move trailers with a fork lift truck.
  • Restraining chain with grab hooks standard.
  • Insert restraining pin standard.
  • Can be used with most 2" standard inserts.
  • Optional hitch insert or pintle adapter are available. 

Can help you move your concrete pipe up to 3 times faster than with a standard fork truck. Quickly and easily loads up to 6 pipes at a time* onto a flat bed truck. Increased efficiency saves both time and money moving and loading concrete pipe. 

Model MFL Multiple Pipe Lifter

Product Features

  • Lifter can pick up 4, 5, or 6 pipes at a time.*
  • Save time and money moving and loading concrete pipe.
  • Rubber bumpers help protect pipe from damage.
  • Heavy duty design.
  • Pockets are open for easy cleaning and water drainage.
  • Restraining chain with grab hook standard.
  • Complies with OSHA requirements. 

Model PP Porta-Platform

Product Features

  • Heavy duty 10 gauge diamond plate deck.
  • 1,000 pound load capacity.
  • 4" toe guards.
  • All welded construction.
  • 42" side railings.
  • Mesh screen 62" or 84" truck side.
  • Mast chain included.
  • Latch swing gate.
  • Painted safety yellow.
  • Platform 36" x 36".
  • 4 casters standard (2 swivel, 2 rigid). 

Model MPP Pallet Puller

Product Features

  • Used for moving hard to reach loaded pallets from flat surfaces, such as a truck or loading dock.
  • Extends reaching capability of the fork lift truck.
  • Single scissor action.
  • Heavy duty steel design.
  • Not for overhead lifting.
  • Working load limit 1,250 pounds.
  • 3/8" proof coil chain. 

Pulling a heavy load Caldwell’s custom designed tow bar is the solution you need. Our tow bar is a solid connection which provides added control over standard tow chains when moving heavy equipment weighing in at 10, 20, 30 tons or more Just provide the desired length, capacity, and connection required and we will deliver the solution you need. 

Model HDTB Heavy Duty Tow Bar

Product Features

  • Can be used to push or pull a load.
  • Designed to accommodate your specific connections.
  • Custom designed per application.