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Industrial Lifting Slings

Industrial Lifting Slings

Model TC, UU and TT Basket and Choker Slings

Product Features

  • Basket and Choker Slings: Type TC triangle one end and chocker triangle at other end.
  • Basket Slings: Type TT, triangle at each end.
  • End Fittings: Increase the life of web slings and fit on smaller crane hooks better than web eyes.
  • Standard Steel End Fittings: Plated, alloy steel end fittings are furnished on Type 1 or 2 slings.
  • Optional Aluminum End Fittings: Forged aluminum end fittings are available for single ply slings, widths 2" - 6". 

Model UU Unilink® Hardware Slings

Product Features

  • Unilink® End Fittings: Functions as both triangle and choker. 

Model LL, TL, TLL and TTL Eye and Turned Eye Slings

Product Features

Eye and Eye Slings

  • An eye (or loop) at each end makes this type of sling ideal for use in a basket hitch.
  • This sling type can be used in a choker hitch by passing one eye around the load and through the opposite eye.
  • Tapered eyes of TL and TTL permit the use of wide slings on small crane hooks.
  • On multi-ply slings, the bodies are stitched full length.

Turned Eye Slings

  • On slings with turned eye construction, the eye openings are on the same plane as the flat webbing.
  • Turned eye slings with tapered eyes are well adapted for both basket and choker hitches. 

Model EE and ET Endless Slings

Product Features

  • Endless Type Slings are one of the most versatile and widely used type because of their adaptability to numerous applications.The slings can be utilized in a choker, vertical or basket hitch.
  • Sling life is prolonged because of rotation of the wear surfaces.
  • Tapered endless sling has two tapered points at opposite ends of the sling allowing the use of wide slings on small crane hooks. However, the rotational feature of the sling is lost. 

Model RE Reverse Eye Slings

Product Features

  • Texturized nylon wear pad on both sides protects the main body from load abrasion.
  • Both eyes are open at 90° to sling body for ease of rigging.
  • Reverse eyes can be used in basket or choker hitches.
  • Texturized nylon wear pad on both sides adds significantly to sling life.