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Caldwell Special Applications

Caldwell Special Applications

The Caldwell Sling Stand is a great alternative to rummaging through piles of chain, wire rope or nylon to find the right lifting sling for the job.  Keep all your slings stored with the lifting eye at shoulder height to reduce any unnecessary lifting of slings. Simply line up the crane hook to the storage hook and push the lifting eye onto the crane. 

Model SS-1 Sling Stand

Product Features

  • Keeps slings safe and clean to conform with standards.
  • Organize different sling sizes to make them fast and easy to find.
  • Compartments keeps slings separated from other slings in storage preventing sling damage.
  • Unique 360º design reduces foot print of sling stand keeping valuable floor space open.
  • Built in sign holder to easily note contents and location for quick identification and access during the work day.
  • Ergonomic design provides safe and efficient attaching and removal of slings from lifting hook eliminating over extending arms or back during the process. 

Model WBH Weld On Bucket Hook

Product Features

  • Latch prevents accidental unhooking of load.
  • Latch is resistant to dirt, concrete, and ice.
  • Stainless steel latch spring.
  • Hook can be welded on without preheating.

Turn your loader into a fork lift. Easy to attach, simply place the lip of the bucket in the slot, tighten the bolt, and lift—there is nothing to weld. Sturdy flame-cut handles make installation and removal fast and easy. The Caldwell Bucket Forks store easily and are very cost effective. 

Model COF Clamp-On Bucket Forks

Product Features

  • Easily attaches to almost any solid blade bucket.
  • Sturdy construction
  • Open fork design. 

Model LL Corky Container Lifting Lug

Product Features

  • An efficient way to lift containers from bottom lifting slot.
  • Color identified to separate left and right handed “Corky” lugs.
  • Handle indicator shows lug is engaged for lift.
  • Complies to use with ASME B30.9 sling capacities.
  • OPTION S8 1/2 ton shackle. 

Model A-O Universal Hook Latch

Product Features

  • Installed cost is much less than the cost or labor alone in machining a conventional safety hook.
  • Keeps fingers out of danger zones.
  • Keeps load on bottom hook when load is slack.
  • Keeps top hook on ring, hook, or trolley.
  • Can be installed on any hook in minutes with only simple tools.
  • Meets requirements: Sect. 1910.181 (a) (29) OSHA. 

Model LHHL Heavy Duty Lever Hoist

Product Features

  • Rugged, all steel construction.
  • Machined and heat treated, split load double reduction gears.
  • Totally enclosed brake mechanism.
  • Short handle allows for easy operation, even in those hard to reach areas.